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2008 Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition Results

Judging took place at historic Arnaud's Restaurant in New Orleans July 15th and 16th. A partial list of the judges can be found at the bottom of this page.

This page will be updated with links to more information on each of these sugar cane spirits shortly.

Abuelo Añejo Gold
Boca Loca Gold
Brinley Gold Coffee Rum Gold
Cabana Gold
Castries Rum Cream Gold
Cruzan Single Barrel Gold
El Dorado 15 year old Gold
El Dorado 5 year old Gold
Mount Gay Sugar Cane Rum Gold
Mount Gay Extra Old Barbados Rum Gold
New Orleans Crystal Gold
Pyrat XO Reserve Gold
Ron Ricardo Banana Rum Gold
Temptryst Applewood Gold
Temptryst Hickory Gold
Temptryst Maplewood Gold
Temptryst Natural Dark Gold
Temptryst Pecanwood Gold
Temptryst Sugar Cane Rum Gold
Temptryst Tropical Light Rum Gold
10 Cane Silver
Angostura 1919 Silver
Beija Silver
Brinley Gold Coconut Rum Silver
Brinley Gold Lime Rum Silver
Brinley Gold Mango Rum Silver
Brinley Gold Vanilla Silver
Depaz Blue Cane Amber Rum Silver
DOS Maderas 5 + 3 Silver
Leblon Silver
Matusalem Gran Reserva Silver
New Orleans Spice Silver
Old New Orleans 3 Silver
Ron Abuelo 7 Year Silver
Ron Atlantico Private Cask Silver
Ron Ricardo 151 Silver
Ron Ricardo Coconut Rum Silver
Ron Ricardo Gold Silver
Ron Ricardo Mango Rum Silver
Ron Ricardo Pineapple Rum Silver
Rubi Rey Reserve Rum Silver
Rum Jumbie Coconut Splash Silver
Rum Jumbie Mango Splash Silver
Rum Jumbie Pineapple Splash Silver
Rum Jumbie Vanilla Splash Silver
Seven Fathoms Premium Rum Silver
Temptryst Cherrywood Reserve Silver
Temptryst Deep Gold Silver
Temptryst Mesquite Silver
Temptryst Orange Silver
Temptryst ReposadoSilver
Temptryst Reserve Silver
Temptryst Ruby Red Silver
Castro Rum Bronze
Temptryst Light Dew Bronze
Mount Gay Refined Eclipse Bronze
Mount Gay Silver Bronze
Ricardo White Bronze
Rogue Dark Rum Bronze
Rogue Hazelnut Spiced Rum Bronze
Temptryst Key Lime Bronze
Erik Adkins - San Francisco, California United States - Beverage manager at Slanted Door on the pier in San Francisco
Debra Argen - Greenwich, Connecticut United States - Luxury Experience Company Debra loves to experience exceptional spirits, especially rum. She creates cocktail and food recipes with spirits and features them in the Liquor Cabinet section of her online magazine. Luxury Experience
Steve Armstrong - New Orleans, Louisiana United States - Steve has worked in the alcoholic beverage industry with Dixie Brewing Company and Don Lorenzo rums and currently imports Rum Jumbie and Ron Abuelo rums.
Paul Artrip - Virginia United States - rum connisseur and collector, food & beverage writer for regional Parrot Head clubs and his website The Rum Daddy.
Christopher Carlsson - New York United States - connoisseur of fine spirits and editor of Spirits Reviews.
Martin Cate - San Francisco, California United States - Creator of Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco, CA, Martin is one of the leading figures in the modern Tiki bar scene. He is presently consulting for rum oriented bars and restaurants across the US.
Wayne Curtis - New Orleans, Louisiana United States - writer Wayne's whose work has appeared in New York Times, Atlantic Monthly, Preservation, American Scholar, American Heritage and others. His latest book "And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in 10 Cocktails," will be available at Tales of the Cocktail.
Jacob Edge - Little Rock, Arkansas United States - Spirits portfolio manager at Lee Edwards Distributing. Jacob studied in France and was awarded an Advance sommelier certificate through Gastronomicom/Vatel Institute, a cellar tech diploma and advanced certification with the Wine and Spirits Education Trust.
Jonathan M. Forester - Winterport, Maine United States - Jonathan studied at the French Culinary Institute and culinary schools on several continents. He is a partner at Winterport Winery and the Penobscot Bay Distillery & Brewery where he makes eau de vie, aged fruit brandies, gin, aged rum, and specialty ales. He is a food and beverage consultant and also writes for and other online publications.
Robert Galloway - New Orleans, Louisiana United States - Local entrepreneur and owner of Live Bait Bar and Grill, New Orleans' first and only rum bar with over 100 rums from around the world.
Edward Nesta - Greenwich, Connecticut United States - Luxury Experience Company Ed and his partner Debra Argen travel the world in search of the best food, wine, and spirits; they create cocktails and write about their experiences in their online magazine Luxury Experience
Stephen Remsberg - New Orleans, Louisiana United States - rum collector whose collection of pre-prohibition rums is second to none in the US.
Matt Robold - Orange County, California United States - Matt is a frequent contributor to the Ministry of Rum Forums who has demonstrated a good understanding of this varied spirit through his writing at A Dood In The Life.
Dave Russell - California United States - sailor and co-founder of RnD Rum Reviews.
Eric Seed - Edina, Minnesota United States - Haus Alpenz, specialty spirits and wine importer. Haus Alpenz imports a line of distinctive line of classic cocktail and alpine spirits including Creme de Violette, Batavia Arrack and Velvet Falernum.
Rick Stutz - Pennsylvania United States - author of Kaiser Penguin, where he combines his passion for photography and his joy of crafting fine cocktails on his blog. His work has been published in Imbibe magazine, and his tiki creations can be enjoyed at Forbidden Island.
Thad Vogler - San Francisco, California United States - A Yale University graduate in Literature, Thad has worked in the beverage industry around the world for almost 20 years. He has opened seven restaurants, most recently he designed and opened the bar at Beretta Restaurant - a nominee at Tales for best new cocktail bar in the country. He teaches a rum course at the Bourbon and Branch Beverage Academy.
Steve Zucker - Mobile, Alabama United States - Certified sommelier since 1997, presently corporate chef for Mobile based Aloha Hospitality. Chef Zucker received his Bachelor degree in the Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales in Providence. He was named one of the "Ten Chefs to Watch" by Esquire among other accolades from numerous magazines.

2007 Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition - New Orleans results

2006 International Cane Spirits Tasting Competition - Ybor City results

While there are other respected tasting competitions in the US and Europe, this is an opportunity for Sugar Cane Spirits to be judged on their own merit and in classes recognized by the Sugar Cane Spirits industry.

Sugar Cane Spirits were judged for their aroma, initial taste, body and finish on a scale of 1 - 25 for each attribute. Judges then added their scores for these attributes and gave a final rating which was used to calculate awards.

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