Hispaniola Mamajuana

bottled by Mardi S.A. - Dominican Republic

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Brown, spiced-flavored flavored rum distilled from molasses.

 Traditionally spiced dark rum from the Dominican Republic. Everyone has his or her own recipe but this is the only one approved for importation to the US at this time.


Bottled at 37.5% alcohol by volume.
Arctic Wolf's review    

In doing my research on this unique product, I came across a few suggestions that the original drink has medicinal properties to help with everything from arthritis to toothaches.  But the most intriguing suggestion is the suggestion that  it has the ability to increase potency in men, and desire in women.  It is playfully called Viagra Dominica by its adherents.  This means my review should be most interesting as I, like you, am genuinely skeptical, but genuinely curious about Hispaniola Mamajuana.

Hispaniola Mamajuana is produced by  Mardi S.A. made from aged rum and honey as well as a secret recipe of over twenty different herbs and spices. It bottled at 30 % alcohol by volume. 

Here is an excerpt from the review:

“….There seems to be a myriad of aromas trying to escape as soon as the glass is poured.  Anise,  woody herbs, cloves, allspice, cinnamon, honey, and faint airs of brown sugar all rise up in a stew of exotic aroma.  The nose is aggressive and almost seems medicinal with hints of menthol.  (I guess I should not be surprised as the original mamajuana is considered a medicine in folklore.)…”

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Review last updated April 20, 2010
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