VooDoo Spiced Rum

bottled by Three-D Spirits, Inc - United States

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Clear, spiced-flavored flavored rum distilled from molasses.

Distilled in the Virgin Islands, VooDoo is aged rum infused with real Madagascar vanilla and hints of clove and cinnamon.

Bottled at 40% alcohol by volume.
Arctic Wolf's review    

Voodoo Spiced Rum       88.0pts

In the Bottle:   (4.0/5)

Neat inverse tapered bottle. I found when the bottle was wet it did not slip from my hand easily so it is even kind of functional.  The label is pretty plain but this is an inexpensive rum so I am not going to be harsh on the scoring.

In the Glass:   (9.0/10)

Faint Vanilla wafts upward and I also get a mild rummy molasses. The smell is very gentle and inviting. I am not a fan of too much vanilla but this actually tempts me to go further. I catch a wiff of something spicy reminding me of the spices I use on my Christmas ham.  This must be cloves. More spices unidentifyable linger in the background.

In the Mouth:    (53.0/60)

The main spice in this rum is undoubtedly vanilla. Something a little hot here too, that reminds me of cinnamon heart candies. So I am going out on a broad limb here and guessing that we have cinnamon in the mix and also maybe a bit of nutmeg. I like that everything is in moderation. They are not trying to knock me over the head with the spice. The Vanilla dominates slightly but not overwhelmingly and the other spices are complementary. I find I can almost sip this straight but not quite. Its just a little rough around the edge.

In the Throat (13.0/15)

What I really like here is that the hints of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg stay in my throat. Its like the old family gatherings when my Mom used to make cinnamon rolls and you could smell and taste them all night.

The Afterburn (9.5/10)

Again what a really refreshing change. The spices do not try to dominate the rum rather they compliment it. The Brown sugary flavour of rum mixed with mild spicy goodness. Very Very nice.

Review last updated September 8, 2009
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