Pitú Cachaça

distilled by Engarrafamento Pitu Ltda. - Brazil

Clear cachaça distilled from fresh sugar cane juice.
Bottled at 40% alcohol by volume.
Arctic Wolf's review    

Pitú Cachaca (which according to the label on the back of my bottle is pronounced Petee-too Kah-sha-sah) is produced by Engarrafamento Pitu Ltda., an eight decade old family run company located within Pernambuco, in northeast Brazil.  Their Cachaca is made from the juice of newly harvested sugar cane which is milled to extract the juice, then filtered and fermented before undergoing distillation with the final product rested in marrying tanks to soothe the flavour before bottling.

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Review last updated July 25, 2013
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There is only 1 sugar cane spirit distilled by Engarrafamento Pitu Ltda..

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