Pyrat Pistols

bottled by Anguilla Rum Company - Anguilla

Brown rum distilled from molasses.
Pyrat Pistols is a blend of mature Caribbean rums chosen for their depth of taste and aroma.
Bottled at 40% alcohol by volume.
Milicent's review    

As with all spirits, there are different incarnations of the same product. I am still working on a stockpile I built up over five years ago, and this review is of that particular time period.

Pyrat Pistol is obviously similar to its big brother, XO, but I find it softer and more subtle. I enjoy drinking this neat and using the XO for mixing. Pistol has all of the flavor profile of XO (orange, caramel, ktl.), but it feels like it was remastered. All of the crackles have been removed and a great rum is left. The packaging is great which definitely affects my perceptions.

When you can find this for $10 a bottle, stock up like I did. If the Pistol doesn't work for you neat, it makes the best Cuba Libre I've ever had. Same goes for the XO. In fact, I think that is the best use of XO. Keep the Pistol for sipping.

Review last updated June 22, 2014
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