Kōloa Kaua`i Gold

distilled by Kōloa Rum Company - United States

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Gold rum distilled from Hawaiian sugar.

Under the dominant alcohol aroma are hints of fruit blossoms and honey. The initial taste is ushered in on a slightly viscous body with underlying fruit flavors of mango, melon and cantaloupe. K?loa Kaua`i Gold finishes without any sharpness or the hot, spiciness found in some molasses-based, pot still rums. This rum is best enjoyed mixed as a cocktail base spirit.


Bottled at 40% alcohol by volume.
Arctic Wolf's review    

After contacting the Kōloa Rum Company, I was sent samples of their entire range for my review. I decided to start the review series with the Kōloa Kaua`i Gold Hawaiian Rum.

Here is an Excerpt from my review:

“…A surprising mild flavour is the initial impression I received when I sipped the gold rum for the first time. Again the flavour of the Gay and Robinson crystallized sugar comes though very clearly. It is a honeyed, caramel flavour which is sweet and inviting. Citrus zest, and light peppery spices follow with perhaps a little plantain or banana in the mid palate…”

You may read the Full Review by following the link below:

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Review last updated January 24, 2011
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There are 4 sugar cane spirits distilled by Kōloa Rum Company.
Kōloa Kaua`i Gold
Kōloa Kaua`i White
Kōloa Kaua`i Dark
Kōloa Kaua`i Spice

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