Montanya Oro Rum

distilled by Montanya Distillers - United States

Pale straw colored rum distilled from fermented molasses. Aged 4 -6 weeks in once-used Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrels.

Montanya Oro Rum is distilled and blended with San Juan mountain spring water. Despite the relatively short time in a barrel, the complexity of this pot still spirit is nicely enhanced by contact with the wood. Hints of toffee in the aroma lead to a body of expresso, toffee, vanilla and honey until roasted coffee beans dominate the slightly smoky finish.

Montanya is one of the few distillers to make a good rum in the first year of operation. I look forward to tasting more Montanya rums in the future.

Bottled at 40% alcohol by volume.
Silver Medal - Gold Rum - 2009 Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition
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There are 2 sugar cane spirits distilled by Montanya Distillers.
Montanya Oro Rum
Montanya Platino Rum
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