Sagatiba Pura Cachaça

distilled by Sagatiba Brasil SA - Brazil

Clear cachaça distilled from fermented fresh sugar cane juice.

Pura is produced in a two step process. Unaged cachaça is distilled to between 48 and 52% abv, is diluted with mineral-rich water from the Guarani aquifer and then redistilled in a unique single column still designed and built for Sagatiba. Fresh cachaça is heated in the bottom of the column and the alcohol rich vapor rises in the copper topped column. Four condensors take vapor from various heights of the column to separate the component congeners. The condensate from the four condensors is analyzed and then reintroduced to make the fresh distillate that will be bottled as Sagatiba Pura without further blending or dilution.

Bottled at 40% alcohol by volume.
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There are 3 sugar cane spirits distilled by Sagatiba Brasil SA.
Sagatiba Pura Cachaça
Sagatiba Velha Esplêndida Cachaça
Sagatiba Velha Preciosa Cachaça
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