Leblon Cachaça

distilled by Maison Leblon - Brazil

Clear cachaça distilled from fermented fresh sugar cane juice. Rested up to 6 months in XO Cognac casks.

Since 2006, Maison Leblon has been working with Giles Merlet, a French cognac distiller, to perfect the art of making cachaça in Brazil. Orginially sourced from local farmers, Maison Leblon now distills all of the their cachaça at their distillery.
Innovations and improvements in the cane crushing mills, fermentation and distillation processes contribute to the improved flavor and success of Leblon cachaça. Today all of the Leblon cachaça is aged a few months in cognac barrels from France before being bottled in Brazil for the world market.
The people at Leblon have been very active in petitioning the US government to recognize cachaça as a distinct spirit category. I look forward to the day when their efforts are realized and cachaça is recognized in the US as it is in Brazil as separate sugar cane spirit apart from rum.
Read more and sign the petition to Legalize Cachaça

Bottled at 40% alcohol by volume.
In July 2009, I took a short break from the fun at Tales of the Cocktail to sit down with Gerry Schweitzer, Gilles Merlet and his son, Luc Merlet, to learn more about Leblon.
Here is the first of two parts of that interview.
Another part of that interview can be heard from the Brazil page of this site.

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Sao Paulo Iced Tea
There are 2 sugar cane spirits distilled by Maison Leblon.
Leblon Cachaça
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