Clarke's Court Agricultural Rum, Agriculture

distilled by Grenada Sugar Factory - Grenada

Clear rum distilled from fermented sugar cane juice, syrup and/or molasses depending on availability. Blend of aged and unaged rums.

Blended for the consumer with a taste for rhum agricole, this rum is full of flavor with a lot of body. Unlike the agricole rhums from the French islands, Agricultural Rum is bottled at 43% alcohol and lacks the character of the French rums but is a popular rum in the local market. Try it while you are visiting the distillery.

Bottled at 43% alcohol by volume.
There are 11 sugar cane spirits distilled by Grenada Sugar Factory.
Clarke's Court #37 Blend
Clarke's Court Agricultural Rum, Agriculture
Clarke's Court Kalypso White Rum
Clarke's Court Lemon Rum
Clarke's Court Old Grog Rum
Clarke's Court Original White Rum
Clarke's Court Pure White Rum, Clarke's Court
Clarke's Court Rum Sorrel
Clarke's Court Spicy Rum
Clarke's Court Superior Light Rum
Special Refined Grenada Dark Rum
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Clarke's Court Agricultural Rum, Agriculture.
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