Rhum Agricole

Test your Rum IQ
Rhum from the French islands.
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1) What makes rhum agricole different from other rums?
Rhum Agricole is made from fresh sugar cane juice?
Rhum Agricole is distilled to less than 75% abv.
Rhum Agricole can only be made where sugar cane is being grown.
All of the above
2) Rhum agricole can only be made in copper pot stills.
3)Rhum agricole is sweeter than most other rums.
4) Rhum Agricole can only be made from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice.
5) Rhum Agricole is only made on Martinique, Guadeloupe and Marie Galante in the Eastern Caribbean.
6) To be called rhum vieux, rhum agricole must be aged at least
3 years.
2 years.
4 years.
5 years.
7) Most rhum agricole is distilled
In copper pot stills.
In column stills.
8) The Appelation d’Origine Contrôlée mark is only used
on rhum agricole made in the FWI.
on rhum agricole made on Martinique.
in the French islands.
9)How many kinds of sugar cane can be used to make AOC Martinique Rhum Agricole?
10 varieties
12 varieties
15 varieties
10) After distillation, rhum agricole blanc is
generally rested at least 4 months.
usually filtered to remove light alcohols.
bottled straight from the still.
typically aged a few months before bottling.