Cachaça Quiz

Test your Rum IQ
One of the most popular spirits in the world is made from sugar cane juice.
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Introduction to Cachaça

1) Cachaça can be made only
from sugar cane juice or molasses.
in Brazil.
in pot stills.
from certain kinds of sugar cane.
2) According to Brazilian law cachaça must be bottled
at 38 to 48% alcohol by volume.
in copper pot stills.
only from fresh sugar cane juice.
All of the above.
3)How many liters of cachaça were distilled in 2006?
1.3 billion
1.3 million
500 million
2 billion
4) One difference between cachaça and rhum agricole is
cachaça is made from sugar cane juice.
cachaça is distilled to a higher proof.
cachaça is bottled at a higher proof.
cachaça is distilled to a lower proof.
5) How much sugar can be added to cachaça without mentioning it on the label
Sugar can not be added to cachaça.
Up to 3 grams per liter.
Up to 6 grams per liter.
Up to 8 grams per liter.
6) Which is the following is not true. Cachaça can
be aged in many different kinds of wood.
be bottled as an overproof spirit.
be made only in Brazil.
can be bottled as a clear or dark spirit.
7) Which of the following statement are true?
Cachaça is the second most popular alcoholic beverage in Brazil.
There are over 30,000 cachaça producers in Brazil.
In Brazil about 70% of the cachaça is consumed straight at corner bars.
All of the above.
8) Sugar cane was brought to Brazil
at the beginning of the 16th century.
in the 17th century from Barbados.
by Columbus on his third voyage.
sugar cane was already growing in Brazil when Europeans came to the New World.
9)The difference between rum and cachaça is
rum is typically distilled to a higher proof.
rum can be made from molasses.
cachaça can only be made in Brazil.
All of the above.
10) If labeled 'Aged,'
cachaça can be aged in over 20 different types of wood.
at least 50% of the cachaça must be aged at least one year.
cachaça be distilled in a pot still or continuous still.
All of the above.