Dark Rum Quiz

Test your Rum IQ
Test your knowledge of dark rums.
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1) Dark rum is made
from molasses which has not been pasteurized.
from burned sugar or caramel.
by aging or the addition of caramel or coloring.
None of the above.
2) As it is being condensed from the still
all rum is clear.
rum has a slight opaque color which is removed by filtering.
rum is clear or dark depending on the raw ingredients used to make it.
the color of rum varies depending on the region in which it has been made.
3)Rum can gain its color by
the addition of caramel color.
aging in wooden barrels.
the addition of spices.
All of the above.
4) In the French islands, dark rhum
is not colored by the addition of caramel.
by law, has to have been aged.
can be colored with caramel.
can be colored only if it is rhum traditionnel.
5) Dark rums are always sweeter than light colored rums
6) Which of the following is true?
The darker the rum, the older it is.
Rums more than 15 years old are always a dark mahogany color.
The color of the rum really says very little about the age of the rum.
Black rums are always aged and then colored with caramel.
7) When rum is diluted from barrel strength to bottle strength
the color is also diluted according to how much water is added.
there is little change in color since only a little water is being added.
the reaction between the water and esters in the rum give the rum a golden color .
the color changes to shades of red depending on the water.
8) The first dark rums were made
by accidentally burning the molasses wash.
by the addition of molasses.
by aging more than a decade in oak barrels.
for the sole consumption of European navies.
9)Throughout the world, dark rum is
the most widely-consumed variety of sugar cane spirits.
the least widely-consumed variety of sugar cane spirits.
considered better than white rum.
more available than white rum.
10) Caramel coloring is used
to make rums more appealing on the shelf.
to make rums black.
sparingly to make the color of rums consistent from batch to batch.
All of the above.