White Rum Knowledge

Test your Rum IQ
Whether you call them white, clear or see-through, how much do you know about white rums?
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1) The color of rum coming from the still
depends on the raw material used to make the rum.
is usually clear but may be slightly tinted.
is always clear.
varies from clear to golden brown.
2) In which of the following countries must white rum be aged the longest?
Puerto Rico
3)On which of these islands is white rum never aged?
4) During the aging process for white rum which of the following is true?
White rums are not aged.
The rum gains a slight color from the tannins in the barrel.
Only uncharred barrels are used to age white rum so the rum doesn't gain any color.
None of the above.
5) Which country bottles the oldest white rum?
6) Which of the following processes are used to make aged white rum?
Aging in uncharred barrels.
White rums are not aged.
Ultra-violet treatment to remove the color from aging.
7) Which of the following are always considered white rum?
Unaged cacha├ža
Rhum agricole blanc
Ron blanco
All of the above.
8) Which of the following statements are true?
White rums can be aged or unaged.
It is easier to make white rum than dark rum.
White rums are always mixed in cocktails.
All of the above.
9)What is the age of the oldest white rum presently selling more than 20,000 cases per year?
One year
Two years
Three years
Four years
10) On which of the following islands is the white rum the strongest?
St Vincent
Puerto Rico