Spiced Rum

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1) Which of the following flavors is found most often in commercially spiced rums?
2) To be called spiced rum
the sugar cane spirit much have at least 5% spice added to the alcohol
the sugar cane spirit must contain at least 1% sugar
the sugar cane spirit must be at least 35% abv
none of the above
3)Most spiced rums are made
by adding spices to the fermented wash before distillation
by aging spices and sugar cane spirits in barrels at least one year
by adding flavors to the sugar cane spirit after distillation
4) What does the term 'dry spice' mean?
Flavored without adding any sugar or sugar substitute to the spiced sugar cane spirit
Flavored with crystalline sugar to make the spiced rum sweeter
5) Spiced rums have been made
almost as long as sugar cane spirits have been distilled
since rum started to be exported since adding spices acts as a preservative
only in the last fifty or so years as the rum market has evolved
in primarily tropical countries since that is where the spices are found
6) Many commercially bottled spiced rums are typically less than 40% alcohol
because the tax rate is lower for products that contain less alcohol
and have to be labeled as 'spiced rum' as opposed to 'rum'
have a dominant vanilla flavor because they are designed to be mixed with Coke
all of the above
7) Flavored or spiced rum is generally made with rum aged less than a few years
8) Only real spices are ever used to make spiced rum
9)In the islands which are the following can be found in 'spice'
all of the above
10) What is the oldest aged rum used in a spiced rum in the Ministry of Rum database
Less than one year
More than one year
Four years
Five years