General Rum Knowledge

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1) What do vodka, gin, tequila and rum have in common?
They are all distilled to about 95% abv.
All of these distilled spirits can be made in anywhere in the world.
All of these spiris can contain sugar cane distillate.
2) What is most rum made from?
sugar cane juice
sugar cane syrup
3)How is rhum agricole different from other rums?
It is only made on Martinique.
It is made from fresh sugar cane juice.
It is aged in French oak barrels.
It is good.
4) How old is a rum labeled Añejo in the US?
At least 4 years.
At least 5 years.
There is no age required for a rum to be called Añejo.
5 years.
5) What is the minimum age of rums bottled in Venezuela?
One year.
Two years.
Three years.
There is no minimum age for Venezuelan rum.
6) Where did sugar cane originate?
Canary Islands
Papau New Guinea
7) How old is this rum? Ron 7 Anos
Blend of rums up to 7 years old.
All of the rum is at least 7 years old.
All of the rum is 7 years old.
There is no way to tell, there is no age statement.
8) What do rhum agriocle and Cachaça have in common?
Rhum agriocle and Cachaça are both made in Brazil.
Rhum agriocle and Cachaça are made from fresh sugar cane juice.
Rhum agriocle and Cachaça are made in pot stills.
Rhum agricole and Cachaça are bottled directly from the still.
9)Which of these rum producing regions makes the lightest body rums?
Puerto Rico
US Virgin Islands
10) What do all aged Caribbean rums have in common?
They have at least a slight brown color.
They are bottled at 40-43% abv.
They are aged in used whisky or bourbon barrels.
None of the above.