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Austin, Texas United States

Starting in 2007, Graham Barnes Distilling began making Treaty Oak rum in Austin, Texas. Named for a 500 year old live oak tree in downtown Austin where the local legend has it that under this tree Stephen F. Austin signed a boundary treaty with local Native Americans.

Specially selected yeasts are used to fermented molasses from the last Texas sugar factory which has been processed to remove minerals and other contaminants which are detrimental to the final product. Distillation is effected in a single-column reflux still after which the distillate is diluted with Hill County water and then carbon-filtered to produce a light bodied clear rum to compete with the lightest rums and vodkas.

Like most small distillers who have made a significant investment in time, not to mention money, Graham Barnes Distilling will be expanding their product line in the future. Look for whisky, gin and other rums on the horizon.
There is only 1 product in our database distilled by Graham Barnes Distilling.
Treaty Oak Rum

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Last updated October 11, 2008