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since June 10, 2006

Newport, Oregon United States

The first rum distillery in the State of Oregon, Rogue Rum is handcrafted in 567 litre grundies using Hawaiian cane sugar, Champagne yeast, and Free Range Coastal Water. Distiller John Couchot has been creating an array of spirits including Rum, Spruce Gin, Wasabi Vodka, and Dead Guy Whisky at the Rogue House of Spirits in Newport, Oregon since 2006.

The House of Spirits features fine wines, outhouses, lottery, cheeses from Rogue Creamery, apparel, beer to-go, hand made root beer, and of course, their very own Rogue Spirits, artisan distilled on premise!
There are 3 products in our database sold by Rogue Spirits.
Rogue Dark Rum
Rogue Hazelnut Spiced Rum
Rogue White Rum

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Last updated September 25, 2010