J. Bally

Martinique French West Indies

Although the distillery closed in 1989, the J. Bally brand is still be produced and bottled on Martinique. Some of the oldest vintage rhums from Martinique bear the J. Bally label.

Known since 1924 by the square bottle and distinctive label, Bally rhum has enjoyed a most successful history until the distillery closed in 1989. The Carbet river was at one time the source of water for the distillery. The distillation column has been moved to Distillerie Simon, where Bally Rhum is now distilled.

Although a bottle of J. Bally rhum from 1924 costs 3200 francs, only the time that the rhum was aged in oak barrels, before it was bottled, will have an effect on the rhum. Before you buy a vintage rhum, find out how long the rhum was aged before it was bottled. If you can't find out, maybe you should buy something else, unless you want an expensive souvenir.
There are 7 products in our database bottled by J. Bally.
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J. Bally Rhum 1989
J. Bally Rhum 1990
J. Bally Rhum Ambre
J. Bally Rhum Blanc
J. Bally Rhum Vieux

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Last updated October 11, 2008