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Newport, Rhode Island United States

Blackstrap molasses is fermented in the brewery tanks shared with Coastal Extreme Brewing Company and then distilled in a 105 gallon copper and stainless steel still. Newport Distilling Company uses traditional rum distillation methods employed in the hey day of New England rum production. They create one signature spirit, Thomas Tew Single Barrel Rum, named after the Rhode Island Pirate who was a huge part of Newport's Colonial Rum Tradition.

On January 30, 2011, the Newport Distilling Company filled the 100th barrel of Thomas Tew Rum. Today, Newport Distilling Company is the only rum distillery in a waterfront town that was once home to 22 rum distilleries. Considering that the first barrel of this new rum was filled in 2006, you can see that this is a small production distillery focused on a quality product. Rum from the 100th barrel will not be ready to drink until at least sometime in 2013, if not later.

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Last updated February 4, 2011