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Santo Domingo Oeste, Dominican Republic

From Cuban origins in the XIX Century, the Oliver family established itself in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where it has been producing blended rums under the Oliver & Oliver name since 1997. Currently rums from Panama and Trinidad are being blended here.

Oliver & Oliver presently exports their products to the USA, Virgin Islands, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Chile, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and Denmark.The company has gained a reputation for being producing premium rums in small, numbered and limited editions.

Cubaney, Quorhum, OpthimuS, Unhiq, Guantanamera and Cubanacan are some of its brands. The company also produces rums for third parties under a number of labels.

Forum member pkazimir visited the Oliver & Oliver operation in April, 2010 and posted an article on his blog Dominican Rums.
There are 16 products in our database bottled by Oliver & Oliver Int..
Cubaney AƱejo Reserva
Cubaney Banana
Cubaney Coco
Cubaney Cristal Reserve White
Cubaney Limon
Cubaney Pineapple
Cubaney Reserva 12 Year Old
Cubaney Reserva 15 Year Old
Cubaney Reserva 8 Year Old
Cubaney Reserva Seven Year Old
Cubaney Silver
Cubaney Tesoro Dark Ten Year Old
Quorhum 15 yrs Solera
Quorhum 23 yrs Solera
Quorhum 9 yrs old

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