Mount Gilboa Distillery

St Lucy, Barbados

With more than 300 years of history, Mount Gilboa distillery today produces both light-, medium- and heavy-bodied rums. Most of the light rum distilled in 2 and 3 column stills is sold to Mount Gay Distillers for their eponymous rum. Additionally, Mount Gilboa operates 4 pot stills made in Scotland and Spain.

Fermentation is accomplished in 4 - 26,000 gallon and 14 - 13,000 gallon fermentation tanks over about 48 hours utilizing locally produced molasses from the Fairfield Sugar Factory.

A total of 26 people manage the operations at the Mount Gilboa distillery. Over the past few years waste oil has been used to fire the boilers for distillation while the spent wash is pumped into deep wells which are being monitored for ground water contamination. In 2004 the Mount Gilboa distillery earned an ISO 14000 certificate and is working to maintain high standards in manufacturing and incorporating new technology to minimize pollution.
There is only 1 product in our database distilled by Mount Gilboa Distillery.
Mount Gilboa Rum

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Last updated November 6, 2008