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El Dorado Hills, California United States

The phrase “pueblo chico” literally means “small town,” and that is exactly the ambiance we have created for you at our establishment. Exiting off Highway 50 just outside the county of Sacramento we found the burgeoning community of El Dorado Hills and were so awestruck by the natural beauty of its golden hill landscape that we thought it the most ideal setting for our Pueblo Chico Cantina. With the area’s rich mining history at the root of the social landscape, we hope to add a celebrated diversity of culture and build a solid reputation as the benchmark establishment for hospitality, great Mexican food, and fine tequila.
There are 10 products in our database served by Pueblo Chico Cantina.
Demerara Rum Cream
El Dorado - Serralles
El Dorado 12 Year Old Special Reserve Demarera Rum
El Dorado 15 Year Old Special Reserve Demarera Rum
El Dorado 21 year old
El Dorado 25 year old
El Dorado 3 Year Cask Aged Demerara Rum
El Dorado 5 Years Old Demarera Rum
El Dorado Demarera Dark Rum
Leblon Cachaça

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Last updated October 11, 2008