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Patos de Minas, Brazil

Maison Leblon is located in Patos de Minas, in the heart of the traditional Cachaça producing region of Brazil, Minas Gerais.

The master distiller, Gilles Merlet, approaches the fermentation, distillation, and finishing of Leblon Cachaça as he would a fine wine. Using techniques from his native France, Gilles manages every detail of the creation - from the hand-selection of the cane and his proprietary fermentation approach, to the Alambique batch-distillation and light-casking, triple-filtering, and master-blending.

Once distilled, the fresh distillate is rested in French XO Cognac casks, to give Leblon Cachaça its delicate, fruity nose and smooth finish.
There is only 1 product in our database distilled by Maison Leblon.
Leblon Cacha├ža

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Last updated May 16, 2010