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since 1948

Ivoti, RS, Brazil

Since 1848, Weber Haus has been making Cachaça at their family owned estate in Ivoti, RS in the southern region of Brazil. Starting with the sugar cane grown on the estate, everything that goes into their cachaça is produced on the estate. The mature sugar cane is cut 'green' since burning the sugar cane before the harvest lowers the quality of the fermentable sugar in the cane.


A double cane press is used to extract the juice. Once fermentation is complete, it is distilled in copper alembic stills.

Weber Haus is one of the few "Certified Organic" cachaças being produced today.

There are 2 products in our database distilled by Weber Haus Cachaçaria.
Weber Haus Premium Cachaça
Weber Haus Silver Cachaça

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Last updated November 8, 2008