Trois Rivières

Martinique French West Indies

Trois Rivières rhums were produced at the Trois Rivières distillery until 2004 when production was moved to the La Mauny distillery.

There are a number of vintage Trois Rivières rhums available around Martinique some of which are quite expensive and are considered collector items among those who know this rhum agricole.
There are 8 products in our database bottled by Trois Rivières.
Trois Riviéres Millésimé 1975
Trois Riviéres Millésimé 1977
Trois Riviéres Millésimé 1979
Trois Rivieres Millesime 1980
Trois Riviéres Millésimé 1982
Trois Riviéres Millésimé 1989
Trois Riviéres Rhum Agricole
Trois Riviéres Rhum Vieux

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Last updated November 1, 2008