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Marigot, Saint Martin French West Indies

Derived from the name Columbus, Busco rhums are the work of Christian Carreau. During his years as the owner of the fine liquor store, Champagne, he became very familiar with the French West Indies distilleries and their rhum. In 1993, he began importing rhum from the Séverin distillery in Guadeloupe to blend in his Busco products. Today his products can be found on Saint Barths as well as both sides of this island.

This white rhum is bottled as Busco Rhum Blanc Agricole at 50°. Four-year-old rhum from Séverin is also sold as as Busco Rhum Vieux at 43.

With the help of his son-in-law, M. Carreau blends and markets Columbus rhum punches along with their Busco line of rhums. Look for these artistic labels on the shelves. Banana, lime, mangue (mango), maracudja (passion fruit), moka (coffee), noix de coco (coconut), schrubb (orange), spice (vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, clove), and cinnamon punches are blended using real fruit and spices. The fruit punches are strained to remove the fruit, but the vanilla bean, cinnamon, ginger, and clove spices used to flavor the spice and cinnamon rhums can be seen in the bottle. Nutmeg, a spice used in a lot of Caribbean punches, is not included in this spiced rhum.

White rhum from the Séverin distillery is the base for all these punches, which are bottled at 24°. Busco is part of a growing trend in the spirit industry. Spirits produced on one island are exported, then blended, and bottled on other islands under a variety of labels. These are not second-rate products. Rhum from the Séverin distillery, for example, is well respected in Guadeloupe.

Busco products are available at a number of retail outlets across the island, but a new store, La Flibuste in Marina Royale, has the complete line of Busco and Séverin rhums.
There are 11 products in our database bottled by Busco.
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Busco Mangue Rhum
Busco Maracudja Rhum
Busco Moka Rhum
Busco Noix de Coco Rhum
Busco Rhum Blanc Agricole
Busco Rhum Vieux
Busco Shrubb Rhum
Busco Spice Rhum

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Last updated October 11, 2008