Bolans, Antigua and Barbuda

The quiet village of Bolans is on the west side of Antigua, and is well known by local rum drinkers. Across the street from the two petrol pumps, Bushy is the postmaster, storekeeper, and dispenser of fine, blended rum.

John 'Bushy' Angelo Barreto came to Antigua in 1956 from Madeira. Since that time, he has lived above the biggest business in town. Downstairs on the left side of the building is a small general store. On the right is the post office and the liquor counter.

Bushy buys overproof rum from the Antigua Distillery Limited and blends it in a three-hundred gallon oak barrel. Once the alcohol content has been diluted to about 80 proof it is bottled in recycled bottles. Most of the bottles don't have labels but that really doesn't really matter. Bushy won't divulge all of his secrets but he has told me there isn't much difference between the white and dark rums he sells.

Locally this rum is known as Bolans and is drunk by many of the people who live on this side of the island. At about $10EC a bottle it is certainly worth the trip to the post office to taste what blending 'a little magic' can do for rum.

If you plan on taking a bottle of this rum home you better buy two. One will probably be gone by the time you leave Antigua.

Coming from English Harbour, take a bus to St. Johns. At the bus stop, look for a bus going to Jolly Harbour or Bolans. You will back track a little but you won't be able to get a bus unless you board in St. Johns.
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Baretto's Best Matured Rum, Bolans

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Last updated October 11, 2008