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Kelso, Tennessee United States

After more than a few years of work to discover some of the secrets of the art of making small batch rums and wading through the inevitable state and federal bureaucracy, Phil Prichard became the first new distillery to make alcohol, legally, in Tennessee in over fifty years.

The passion Phil brings to his business can be tasted in every bottle. Starting with the best Louisiana, grade "A" fancy molasses, fermented with his own secret yeast and distilled in a small gas-fired copper pot still, every drop of Prichard's rums are made by hand and bottled at his Kelso, Tennessee distillery.

Though used bourbon and whiskey barrels are readily available in this part of the country, Prichard's used new 15-gallon oak barrels similar to those used to age fine cognac in France. Smaller, new barrels impact more of their magic to the fresh rum and give Prichard's their unique taste.

When you taste Prichard's it's difficult to believe that Tennessee isn't a Caribbean island, or maybe it is?
There are 5 products in our database distilled by Prichards' Distillery, Inc.
Prichard's Cranberry Rum
Prichard's Crystal Rum
Prichard's Fine Rum
Prichard's Key Lime Rum
Prichard's Sweet Georgia Belle Fine Rum Liqueur

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Last updated October 19, 2017