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In 2003, Moet Hennessy built a new distillery to produce a new rum, 10 Cane. Caroni, the government owned sugar company, had recently ceased production and the sugar cane industry was being dismantled after more than a century of being one of the pillars of the Trinidad and Tobago economy. Unlike most rum distilled today from molasses, Moet Hennessy’s 10 Cane is made from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice. Following the closure of the local sugar industry, Moet Hennessy was able to contract with farmers who owned small plots and had been selling their crop to Caroni, but unlike the sugar cane grown to make sugar different species of cane are used to make rum directly from the juice. In addition to being well suited to the climatic and soil conditions found in the south-central region of Trinidad the leaves of the cane chosen for 10 Cane tend to fall from the tall stalk as the cane matures reducing the amount of debris that ends up in the cane mill.

After being weighed the cane is pressed in a mill that consists of two sets of three rollers. Unlike most cane mills where the bagasse leaves the mill dry enough to be burned in the boiler immediately after being pressed, here the cane is lightly pressed to reduce the amount of unwanted wax from the hard outer layer of the cane stalks. Cooling coils in the tall, closed fermentation tanks are used to maintain a constant temperature over the five-day fermentation process, the longest fermentation in the industry. Once fermentation is complete the wash is pumped into the 10,000 liter copper pot still where the alcohol content is concentrated to about 30% during the 12 hour distillation. Two smaller pot stills are used to effect the final distillation to about 75% abv.

After distillation, the fresh spirit is trucked from the distillery to the Angostura warehouses where it is aged in French oak casks for about 6 months. Blending to the correct bottle strength and bottling is also done at the Angostura facility. All 10 Cane rum is bottled in Trinidad and then shipped around the world.

More pictures from a distillery visit in March 2007.
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