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Saint Thomas has been home to the busiest cruise ship docks in the Caribbean since the 1960's but in spite of its tourist image it has maintained a lot of its charm and traditional heritage. Three hundred years ago some of the fiercest pirates called here to trade their goods and enjoy the pleasures of this thriving harbor town. One of the many pleasures was rum.

Enterprising shopkeepers from French Town to Red Hook took great pride in blending the finest spirits from St. Croix with the abundant fruits and spices from the local markets to satisfy even the most discriminating taste. Today, Calypso, Ltd. continues to scour the islands for recipes for the most satisfying flavored rums and rum-based liqueurs. The latest offering include Calypso Island Pineapple, and Coconut flavored rums. Until recently, these spirits were only available to those who made them in the small rum shops. Today they are available at A H Riise liquor stores around the island. Bottled at 25% alcohol by volume these flavored rums add a natural fruit dimension to cocktails or pour them over ice cream for a delightfully refreshing treat.

In keeping with the Danish heritage of the island Saint Thomas Coconut Chocolate Liqueur combines the rich taste of fine Danish chocolate with fresh coconut and aged rum. At 27.5% alcohol by volume this liqueur adds a rich touch to your favorite sundae or enjoy it straight as an after dinner drink.

From St. Croix comes Salt River Plantation Spiced Rum. Island spices and a hint of butterscotch give this spiced rum a unique smooth flavor. I particularly enjoy this spiced rum over sliced bananas and yogurt. Topped with a little freshly grated nutmeg your guests will surely be impressed. When your taste buds need a little excitement try Bubba Touee, a key lime liqueur made from a West Indian recipe dating back to 1733. At 20% alcohol by volume, Bubba Touee is a balanced blend of tart key lime juice, sugar and rum. Try mixing this liqueur with iced tea, soda and bitters, or look in the back of this book for a great spicy chicken recipe.
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Calypso Bubba Touee
Calypso Coconut
Calypso Island Pineapple
Saint Thomas Coconut Chocolate Liqueur
Salt River Spiced Rum

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Last updated October 11, 2008