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Maui, Hawaii United States

In spite of Hawaii's history of sugar and rum production, today Haleakala Distillers is the only licensed distillery operating in the Hawaiian islands. A few years ago, Bruddah Kimo began making rum after building his own distillery on his Maui hillside farm overlooking the Pacific ocean.

Recognizing the responsibility most islanders feel for their part of the world, Kimo is working to limit the environmental impact of his distillery. The process water from the distillery is dispersed on a cow pasture adjacent to the distillery where it fertilizes and irrigates the land. Recycled cooking oil is used to fuel the distillery van and all of the packaging material used at distillery is made from recycled materials.

Haleakala rums are only sold in Hawaii but unless you live in a few states where you're choices are limited by law you can buy these rums through the Haleakala Distillers online store.
There are 4 products in our database distilled by Haleakala Distillers.
Haleakala Distillers Braddah Kimo's Da' Bomb Rum
Haleakala Distillers Braddah Kimo's Gold Rum
Haleakala Distillers Braddah Kimo's Silvah Rum
Maui Dark Rum

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Last updated January 25, 2011