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Mixers, Water, Ice and Glasses

All of the ingredients in a cocktail contribute to the experience.

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Old 06-22-2013, 03:30 PM   #1
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2013
Location: Wolverhampton, England
Posts: 103
Default What to have in a tiki mixing bar...

Hi guys

In response to another thread (and so as not to overwelm that thread) - I would like to know your musings on what to have in a tiki mixing bar.

I believe in sticking to the 'geographically designated rums' from Don Beach / Trader Vic / Beachbum Berry recipes (e.g. Puerto Rican, Virgin Islands, Jamaican etc).

So far I have the list as:

• Light mixing rum (Puerto Rican or substitute)
• Gold mixing rum (Puerto Rican or substitute)
• Gold Jamaican Rum
• Dark Jamaican Rum
• Gold Demerara Rum
• Dark Demerara Rum
• Rhum Agricole
• Cuban style Rum
• Punch Rum
• Gin
• Brandy
• Cinnamon syrup
• Orgeat
• Falernum
• Pimento dram
• Pernod

I dont make many drinks that require Bajan or Virgin Islands rum so I have excluded them.

I include Cuban style rum as a white rum that you feel shines in a mojito or a daiquiri.

I exclude sipping quality rums as that could get waaaaaaay more complicated

Can you please contribute ideas & brands?

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Old 06-22-2013, 04:07 PM   #2
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2013
Location: Wolverhampton, England
Posts: 103

For my personal preferences I have:

• Light mixing rum - Bacardi Superior (unbothered)
• Gold mixing rum - Bacardi Gold (unbothered)
• Gold Jamaican - Appleton VX
• Dark Jamaican - Blackwell (undecided)
• Gold Demerara - El Dorado 5
• Dark Demerara - Woods 100 (undecided)
• Rhum Agricole - Saint James Amber (undecided)
• Cuban style Rum - Havana Club Blanco / Brugal Blanco (1st equals)
• Punch Rum - Wray & Nephews
• Gin - Gordons (unbothered)
• Brandy - Macieira (unbothered)
• Cinnamon syrup - Monin
• Orgeat - Monin
• Falernum - Taylors Velvet (undecided)
• Pimento dram - home made (definitely not Bitter Truth)
• Pernod - Pernod!

All the ones that say 'Undecided' are the ones Im working with a brand at the moment but Ive heard some are better (Coruba over Blackwell, LH151 over Woods 100, etc).

All the ones that say 'Unbothered' are the ones where I dont think it matters.

Havana Club Blanco & Brugal Blanco are equally great but I like using a cuban rum to make a cuban drink so I go with Havana Club.

I love Wray & Nephews by the way
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Old 06-23-2013, 09:31 AM   #3
Edward Hamilton
Edward Hamilton's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Sailboat in the Caribbean and hotels.
Posts: 4,796

Being in the UK, your choices are much more limited that if you were in the US, where you can get Lemon Hart 151 and many more rhums from Martinique, Duquesne ESB is finding a place in many tiki bars across the US for its flavor and value. You don't need a $45 bottle of rum to make tiki drinks that contain 3 or more rums. You even have a choice of allspice infused alcohols.

But it looks like you've got a very respectable start on this project.

In a couple of months there will be more choices.
Edward Hamilton
Ambassador of Rum
Ministry of Rum

When I dream up a better job, I'm going to take it. In the meantime, the research continues.
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Old 04-04-2014, 05:46 PM   #4
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2013
Location: Wolverhampton, England
Posts: 103

Its a shame only me & Ed have posted on this thread! I thought I would revisit it as I have significantly advanced in my cocktail mixing :-)

My top 10 rums for a tiki mixing bar now looks like:

Appleton 12
Appleton 8
Appleton VX
El Dorado 12
El Dorado 8
LH 151
Bacardi 8
Havana Club Anejo Especial
Havana Club Blanco or Brugal Blanco
Clement VSOP

The other ingredients are much the same although I would like to try different cinammon & orgeat syrups.

I am now a bit more clued into the 'pay more, drink better' to include pricer rums like Appleton 12, El Dorado 12 or Clement VSOP in certain drinks.

Investigating Eds advice, I agree that you dont need expensive rums in multiple ingredient drinks - for example El Dorado 8 & Appleton 8 are solid representatives of their styles that are a step up from the normal level but still affordable. I switch between the different rums in each style (Spanish, Jamaican, Demerara) depending on the drink.

I have also made some swaps at little additional cost for improved quality eg swapped Bacardi Superior & Gold for Havana Clubs. I also enjoy having Bacardi 8 as a softer Spanish rum.

Oh & LH151 beats Woods 100 hands down :-)

It was a tough call to leave out:

Sippers, Myers, El Dorado 5 (Queens Park Swizzles?), Havana Club 3, Wray & Nephews, Cockspur, Goslings 151 (an alternative to LH151 but less smokey)
& Pussers Blue Label (perhaps my favorite rum for its personality but not really a tiki mixing bar essential).

I may update in another 8/9 months, cheers all!
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Old 04-07-2014, 10:37 PM   #5
Senior Member
Tabuzak's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: NYC
Posts: 196

I suggest expanding your selection of Jamaican rums (if you can in the UK) - essential for Tiki drinks.

Grab some Smith & Cross, Plantation Jamaica 2000, Hamilton Gold and Black Jamaican rums, Kohala Bay, and Coruba.

You need Puerto Rican rum as well for Shrunken Skulls, Jet Pilots, and Zombies, to say the least. My go to is the Ron del Barrilito three stars.

Rum will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no rum!
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Old 04-08-2014, 04:36 PM   #6
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2013
Location: Wolverhampton, England
Posts: 103

The rum market in the UK is a little bit different to the US but very healthy.

I don't have access to Hamilton rums, nor Kohala Bay (have been approximating half El Dorado 12 & Smith & Cross in some drinks).

S&C is an unusual rum in my book, I have a bottle that I'm half way through - it is an exciting product, one I see more as a rum I try out in drinks rather than one that I think of a 'solid'. Now, Coruba is a good rum (I had a bottle from a relative from Oz) but isn't available around here.

I use the Havana Clubs as PR rums. I'm not a fan of Shrunken Skulls but Jet Pilots & Zombies I enjoy. Ron Barrilito isn't available.

That list is the 'mixing' bar that I consider essential (ie ones that I replenish ASAP when I run out of them) & 'the difficult not to include' are ones I use frequently as well. I have had other bottles that I haven't been so keen on.
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