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Default Berling S.A. Vieux Labbй from Haiti

I originally joined the forums to find out about this rhum because it had been in the liquor cabinet for a couple of years after being acquired in the Port au Prince duty free shop. We finally opened it last night, and I'm going to try to describe my impressions of it. I've found a couple of other posts on this rhum since I first asked about it, so I'm hoping that others will help out with their reviews.

The nose and main flavor profile are like smoky caramel/butterscotch. I live with a single malt scotch and bourbon aficionado, and there are shades of both in this rhum. It has a depth and richness to it that I have not had before in a rum, but I am not familiar with agricoles, so I don't know if these characters are commonplace or not. If I hadn't poured it myself, I can't say that I would immediately recognize it as a cane spirit.

My previous forays into aged rums have been with Appleton, so this experience was completely different. In the spirit of full disclosure, after I took a few sips, the remainder of the glass made its way into a spiced cider toddy that was quite delicious.
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