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It's been mentioned in the general discussion thread, but it definitely bears mention here:

If you want to find a great rum bar in Los Angeles today, you must visit La Descarga.

La Descarga is a Cuban-prohibition-era-themed bar in Hollywood. The entrance is very speakeasy (I don't want to spoil the surprise if you don't already know) and the interior is very evocative of what you see in photos of old Cuba.

They have over 60 rums in their collection and are working on increasing that number.

They focus on the classic rum cocktails like daiquiris, papa dobles, etc. Pablo (head bartender) says that he's trying to avoid Tiki drinks, though I really think that a serious rum bar should not eschew Mai Tais, Zombies, or something like Jeff Berry's Ancient Mariner.

The drinks are very well made, and it's very nice sitting in the dimly lit room listening to the live band perform.

In the back of the bar they have a cigar and rum lounge where you can buy cigars and top-of-the-line rums to enjoy. The prices are a little steep ($14 for Appleton Reserve IIRC), but it's a nice atmosphere. I spent some time back there talking to the newly hired staff who were still learning about rums...which of course led to a lot of sharing of what I was drinking (they hadn't yet tried the La Favorite Blanc or the Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva).

If you're in LA and looking for rum, the MUST SEE place other than Tiki Ti is La Descarga.
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