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Originally Posted by Berbician View Post
I completely agree with you about Cockspur 5 star.

I keep meaning to visit Aldi but never seem to get round to it - I'll make an extra effort now.

To be honest, I've gone off Chairman's Reserve - the regular one doesn't seem to taste of anything in particular, whereas the Chairman's Reserve Spiced is too sweet and orangey.
I was disappointed when I revisited the Spiced. Too much cinnamon and orange. As far as Spiced Rum goes I don't think you can do much better than Foursquare's offering. Sailor Jerry is also quite a decent rum if you are wanting a more vanilla profile. It gets knocked quite a bit but at the heart of it is a half decent rum. Unlike The Kraken and Morgan's.

Aldi have the El Dorado 8 at the moment and a Gunn and Innis Spiced Rum Finish Beer (7.4% ABV). I have a couple of bottles but have yet to try.

I was hoping Aldi would have a half decent Bourbon but I think they struggled to sell the Jefferson's last year so they seem to have avoided Bourbon this year.
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