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I have not heard anything from CC Spirits, the importer, or Christine on the questions posed in the previous posts. The claim that Chauffe Coeur Martinique Rhum Agricole is indeed AOC rhum agricole from Martinique is being investigated by CODERUM, the governing body of the Martinique Rhum Distillers. In France it would be illegal to claim Martinique Rhum Agricole on a label if it wasn't AOC rhum agricole from Martinique, but these rums are only sold in the US.

I have never questioned the quality of these products and hope to learn why Chauffe Coeur doesn't use the AOC designation if in fact they are AOC rhum from Martinique instead of the Appellation Rhum Controlle, a control body that seems to exist only on the labels of these rhums.
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