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Originally Posted by TheRumelier View Post
I was wondering if anybody else was like me when it comes to drinking rum.
If I plan on drinking a couple of rums in an evening I usually start with a light rum first, such as a Cuban or Domincan and work up to heavy style rums like a Demerara, Jamaican or Navy. I find it hard to go back to a light rum if I have a heavy one first. This reminds me of going to wine tastings where they usually start with light whites and work up to heavy cabs. I also usually start with a mixed drink and save the sippers for later when the cooking, homework, feeding, bathing, etc. has finished and I can relax for a whilen and enjoy the rum.
Just wondering if this was normal behaviour or something else!!

I always start with Cachacas and agricoles because the vegetal, floral notes can be quite hard to appreciate after you've been swilling heavier rums. Then I go whites, more aged, navals then overproofs.

After which I generally get a stupid grin on my face, chat up random women, solve the problems of the universe, find myself in a lock-in and wander home at stupid o'clock.

It never gets old.....

I on the other hand........
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