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Originally Posted by Mark View Post
An e-mail to Christine will result in all legal documents being provided for the suspicious consumer. There are strict French laws regarding AOC's and all doubt should be removed.
Christine has not made her email available and no documents have shown up here to support the AOC claim.

AOC regulations are indeed very strict. A visit to the INAO (AOC's parent body) website reveals that "Apellation Rhum Controlee" does not exist. Martayrols use of this term and "Martinique Agricole" is not only misleading, but in fact unlawful.

Martinique fought long and hard to obtain their AOC, and has every right to see it defended.

Why the good brothers at Martayrol have choosen to "tart up" their rum label with mis-leading and unlawful marketing wordplay instead of letting the quality of the product speak for itself is a mystery to me.
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