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I've tried two, I'd be quite surprised if Ed hasn't tried any of the product. The best point that Ed made was that the quality was NOT in question. I bought a bottle reasonably priced via BevMo quite a ways back.

Speaking of back and forth...I think we get the picture as far as your position on the product as well as your friendship with Christine. At the same time it would be nice if someone would address the simple question Ed posed. I'll be 100% honest with you. As a long time consumer, based on the way this is going, I'm not sure what to make of this discussion in terms of my commitment to additional bottles.

Imagine if you were trying to sell me a new car and I kept asking you why there was no estimated mileage information and you kept responding to my inquiry by reassuring me about the leather interior, the strength of the motor, the sound system and GPS that the vehicle came mounted with etc. After a period of time, I'd be forced to draw my own conclusion and assume that the Hummer you were trying to sell me must not have good mileage standards. Surely you can see that's where this discussion is going - or no?

In case it was lost in the shuffle here's the question quoted once again:
Originally Posted by Edward Hamilton View Post
As a number of people have asked me, why do Chauffe Coeur rums claim the Appellation Rhum Controllee and not the AOC mark used by the rhum agricole distillers on Martinique. I have been unable to find anything about the Appellation Rhum Controllee.
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