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Originally Posted by mamajuana View Post
I just got a haul of rums new single cask editions from California hand selected by the seller. These are all 750 ML bottles.

The haul:

Plantation 1989 Trinidad single cask 24 year old - cask 7/9 - bottle 372/450

Plantation 1999 Trinidad single cask 14 year old - Banyuls and sherry finish cask 4/4 - Bottle 115/300

Plantation single Cask Guatemala XO - Pineau des charentes Finish - Cask 13/13 - Bottle 279/300

Plantation Panama 2002 - 10+ years old

Also other additions I bought due to lack of availability around here

Zafra Master 21 year

Papas Pilar 24 Dark

I also just located a single cask Guyana rum that I'm going to be ordering today with a few other goodies.

I'm also on the look out for plantation rums: St. Lucia old reserve, Grenada old reserve, Nicaragua old reserve, and single cask Guadalupe, The rest I have to my knowledge at least those available in the states. If anyone has any leads on these rums that can be shipped from the seller to NY, let me know. I am looking for 750 ml American market bottles to complete my collection and am only looking to purchase inside the states.
Where did you purchase these if I may ask?
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