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Originally Posted by Sylbaris View Post
I tasted my first Rhum Agricole long before I knew or had an appreciation for what I was drinking. It was the late 70's and I just liked its taste and drank more, that was St. James Rhum, once the premier rhum of Martinique and probably still the best know import stateside. Turns out that famous appellation originally distilled in St. Pierre before Mt.Pele in 1902, turned it into a virtual modern day Pompeii, it was just one of many fine rhums like my all time favorite Rhum Bally. I was experiencing just the tip of the agricole iceberg or volcano, because they both have the potential to change one's perspective of the world. My world changed in 1983, when I sat in the 1902 Bar in St. Pierre at the foot of Mt.Pele and had my first Neisson Ti-Punch. Late afternoon, melted into early evening as this high powered fuel froze time and glued me like a happy prisoner to my bar stool. My partner and I closed the bar that evening only to return there trip after trip like pilgrims to the shrine of all things agricole. It was here that I first met Mr. Monci, the Madame bartender's right hand man and keeper of the machete for those who got unruly. At age 80, he was fearless and fluid, totally at one with his world and the beauties within it. He spoke no English and I spoke little French, so he taught me Patois: "Toute beguy carmarche!" An all purpose greeting. On the occasion of our next to last meeting he presented me with a bottle of Tafia. I had no idea of the luxurious potency of this molasses like spirit. He poured some in my hand an instructed me to lick it. I have never before or since tasted anything so earthy, sweet or complex as this amazing sirop. Like Inca leaves it gave you an energy and euphoria that was quite un-rumlike even though I was told this wonderful nectar came from the bottom or dregs of the rum cask. I savored this bottle little by little until I saw Mr. Monci for the last time almost 10 years later. It's now 15 years after that, and Mr. Monci, the tafia and the 1902 Bar are just a happy memories but I know that when I have the pleasure to return once again to this beautiful island where the agricole rhum lives all will be right in my world.
Well that's great and all, but what on earth does it have to do with locating Rhum Agricole in Ohio (which you won't find BTW)?
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