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I've never really thought about oxidation to be honest. I have a few old bottles on my shelf and they don't seem to have lost any flavor and the corked bottle's corks are still moist. I have to make my rums last because most of the rums I have cannot be obtained from this country.

Originally Posted by Edward Hamilton
To see just how much a bottle of rum deteriorates open a fresh bottle and sample next to the last dram in a bottle which has been open for a while and you'll better understand oxidation.
I shall try this suggestion with a bottle of Zacapa that I got from Spain roughly over a year ago. I have a fresh one on the rumshelf waiting to be opened. I will post the results here when I do that.

Actually now that I think about it I once poured Jack Daniels into a pocket flask and left it there for a couple of days and it quickly lost its taste. I thought that was very weird. It had also changed color into pale brown. Needless to say I never put anything in that flask again.
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