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I was actually having a drink of the 3 star last night after somebody had written to me saying that they had picked up a few bottles while on a cruise in Puerto Rico and unfortunately did not like the taste of it. He was asking if the rum should taste like it did. So any excuse for a drink of rum I thought I would sample it again. It reminded me of Pyrat XO (another non-distiller) with orangey, fruity, oak tastes and nothing like it's origin Bacardi or any other Puerto Rican rums that spring to mind. I guess the idea with all the fruits is to make a rum that is completely different from it's origin or there would be little point in doing it, similar to the dozens of spiced rums produced by small bottlers all over the Caribbean, but on a larger scale.
I am looking forward to visiting their facility in Puerto next year and meeting the blenders, etc.
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