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The Rumelier did a nice write up there on del Barrilito.

Both the two star and three star have a very distinctive flavor profile to my palate. They both stand apart from any other aged rum produced here in Puerto Rico. The three star especially is very upfront in the aroma with charred oak and a pleasant nuttiness.

Ed has commented earlier that the producer may be macerating prunes, raisins, and nuts in the ageing process.

I had the opportunity to taste Barbancourt 8 year old just the other day. I like it very much. I find del Barrilito much more aggressive (in a good way) on the aroma and palate.

I like to drink it with a couple of cubes of ice. It makes a killer Rum and Tonic with an under ripe lime...Or, mix it with a good portion of passion fruit juice... turn up the Merengue music...And then the ladies get dancing!
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