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Pampero will work with almost anything as it's incredibly versatile. You'll do fine with anything you enjoy that has some flavor. I've had a 1964 with it as well as one of those G belicosos I picked up and a St. Louis Rey corona especial, which is a smoke I enjoy as an everyday tosser. The 1964 was maybe just a touch more flavorful than the rum, but they're both so good, how could you go wrong? Ideally, I'd hit it with something just a bit more full than the G series. I suspect that box of V Torps will work in a few weeks. Go ahead and pick a bomb. It'll hold up. A Cuban would not be out of line, say a Punch Punch, if they would but let us do them or speak of them without retribution.
Let me know how it goes. I'm the world's biggest Pampero fan, as you know. Sadly, much as I love the stuff though, I think the ED works best with most of my full bodied cigars. I didn't start really liking ED15 until I was able to enjoy a smoke with it. Now, I treat it Precious!

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