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Default Cheap glasses

For those of you that collect 'junk' (like me), I'm not sure if "ROSS" is everywhere, I know they have stores in multiple states but also experienced people we know who have visited and do have their stores at home, often grab things while visiting here - so maybe selection, particularly in accessories, is different (?)

Anyway just a basic alert - currently ROSS (at least here) had these Captain Morgan logo-ed glasses, 4 for $6.99. They are a fairly heavy grade which I like. There were 3 varieties (of Captain Morgan) at the store, I only got the ones shown below. They also had Captains logo in the tall-boys but I passed on those as well. In addition, in the same "rocks" style, they had Crown Royal glasses - which I got (and sets of shot glasses - I didn't get).

While I wish they had my personal favored brands, as I doubt any of these will be filled with their respective namesakes, (and I will be on the lookout for other brand logos if they surface), I still thought they were a steal at $7. As a personal side, I tend to like heavier glass, and these are nicely weighted.

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