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I live in Venezuela and I am a big defender and lover of the Rum heritage here. I am surprised that in Venezuela the Rum consumption is very small compared to wiskie, even though we have best in class Rum brands like Santa Teresa, Diplomatico and Pampero. One of the distillers (Santa Teresa) they have kind of museum in where they show a lot of the histrory and heritage; actually, the have something called LA RUTA DEL RON which is a tour they offer inside their Plant to show the rum process and the history from past to present. It is a very nice tour.

El Dorado has a great selection of Rums, line-up is very large with a broad selection of aged Rums. Is there any distributor of your brand in Venezuela?. The two countries are so close that maybe I could find some of it around but so far I have not seen any bottle in the stores.

Many thanks for your comments in this forum, it is nice to learn more about the Rum history and this makes more holistic the expeirience when drinking a good Rum...

Regards, Fabio.
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