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Default Cruzan 9 Spiced Rum

This isn't on the Cruzan website (yet..) but I happened to read a Beam Global press release about this product. It reads in part, "The newest addition to the Cruzan portfolio is spiced rum, Cruzan 9, a unique blend of nine all-natural spices, based on the stronger-tasting rums of centuries ago, and handcrafted by the Nelthropp family".

My distributor doesn't have it yet, and I can't reach anyone from Beam Global today who can tell me anything about it, but the photo in the press release looks good; it's sort-of like the Cruzan aged dark bottle, but with a big "9" above the label.

Can't wait to see this one. If it's true to it's heritage, I'm certain that I'm going to like it.
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