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Originally Posted by The Rum Ambassador View Post
You forgot to mention the old bottle of "King of Diamonds", that sits nonchalantly on a barrel near the bar. I tried to steal it but settled for a 15 year old from Carl instead...Or was it 12 year old ?

But the Heritage centre is an amazing journey into the history an heritage of Guyanese rum.
Hi Ian,
Great to hear from you. Yes I did forgot to mentioned the K of D 12 years old. That's the fore runner to the present El Dorado 12 years old special reserve. And most obvious it was the 12 years old you settled for. And by the way I have some wonderful pictures on the trip to Kaieture falls. I will be sending them to you and the rest of the team. By the time you return next trip I will transform the Heritage Centre into a place that will make you drink El Dorado forever.
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